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Chris White – ” If you own a sled you should own a set of Sure Grips!”

The Sure Grips work awesome, well built, quality hardware. If you own a sled you should own a set of SURE GRIPS!
these ski dollies works as advertised!

I’ve found you get what you pay for and these removable snowmobile ski dollies are worth every penny.

Besides that SureGrip has knowledgeable customer service. That’s hard to find nowadays!

Thanks again,
Chris White


 Vance Willard – “Buy Sure Grips! Don’t mess with China Dollies.”

A friend who owns several sleds and several Sure Grip Dolly’s introduced me to them.  I had just bought sleds and his advice was to buy the Sure Grips and not mess around with cheaper China snowmobile dollies.

Thanks for building quality snowmobile dollies! Thanks for the same day call to verify my order!. Great customer service!

Keep up the work with USA made products and quality!!


 Vance Willard


Proven SURE GRIP Premium grade REAL RUBBER WHEELS and AMERICAN PUSH NUTS guaranteed to stay on! Delivers superior shock protection from trailer ramps & and sudden impact in sub-zero temps insuring years of reliability and performance.

No More Lifting!

Snowmobile Dollies Designed to be attached and removed with out heavy lifting. Once on they work like a wheel kit. Grass, gravel and asphalt roads? Drive your sled under its own power while our snowmobile dollies protect your ski runners, driveways and garage floors!

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This SURE GRIP PROVEN wheel enhances the range of your drivable possibility and meets demands of authorities such as: U.S. Marine Corp., National Resources Canada, GOOGLE EARTH SNOW, SKI-DOO R&D, U.S. & CANADA Border Patrol and many others.

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The ORIGINAL Sure Grip Snowmobile Dollie! Made in the USA!